Ultra F1 the modular washing system

Ultra F1

The Ultra F1 is a modular washing system with several modules completely independent of each other, making it a unique concept on the market

Modules put end to end

The ULTRA F1 can be defined as a set of washing machines put end to end, a judicious combination that allows to combine the quality of conventional washers with the output of a tunnel washer.

4 to 13 moduls

The ULTRA F1 is designed to meet all your requirements and constraints, its efficiency and versatility make it an indispensable tool in an environment where the variety of linens to be processed is constantly evolving

Computerized management

With our partner SODILEC, reference in the field of industrial IT management in the laundry

Training by speed variator

Full control of the modules,
speeds of 4 to 10 rpm and therefore unequaled flexibility

A water recovery system

The economic performance, through the design and water recycling system, makes an investment partly funded by the savings made in comparison with a wash done mainly by washer-extractors.
Water is recycled to the maximum and released only when it is no longer usable

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